Emerald Cut Natural Aquamarine Ring

You will surely be noticed wearing this rock! 12x12x7.8 Natural Aquamarine is an attention getter at 6.15ct. This is a one of a kind stone! Specs:, Color: Blue, Size: 12x12x7.8, Density: Light, Saturation: greyish blue, Clarity: Moderately flawed.
While you can see some inclusions with the naked eye, natural (untreated) stones of this size are very rare & still valuable. We set this in a very pretty open box design sterling silver setting.

Blue-Green Tourmaline Color Engagement Ring & Matching diamond band

Beautiful shade of seafoam or mint green in our 8MM round tourmaline color engagement ring. We designed the matching wedding band as a perfect fit for our Scroll design setting, which has beautiful detailed scroll work as cut-outs on both sides of the setting head. This is a very pretty and feminine ring setting that will accomodate our 8MM Rose Petal Cut or any 8MM round like the tourmaline shown here.

Blended Ametrine Countess Cut Handmade Ring

Internally flawless Blended Ametrine in our custom Countess Cut has a carat weight of 3.34 and is a 10mm square shape. The reason for this new cut; the princess works well with higher refractive index stones like sapphire, garnet and diamond; however, it creates black spots in low RI stones like Quartz, Peridot and Tourmaline, since the light is leaking out thru the bottom of the stone. To address this problem we created a new cut that resembles the princess having a similar top (crown) but the bottom (pavilion) eliminates the black by reflecting the light up to your eye. This ring is completely handmade of Argentium.
We bezel set the stone for a security & stone protection. The ring shank is made by twisting 2 pieces of metal together. This strengthens the shank and adds dimension while still having a comfortable fit. The bottom of the bezel is open to light and ease of cleaning.

Blended Ametrine Rose Petal Cut Ring

7+ carats of Blended Ametrine (very rarely seen) sparkles Rose Petal custom cut design.
Ametrine  that is commonly seen today displays the clear color banding of the golden Citrine & purple Amethyst. Our blended stone combines both colors into a very pleasing golden purple shade.
Please note: in nature no 2 stones are exactly alike, since these rings are made to order; the stone you receive may not be exactly as pictured here, but it will be very similar & just as beautiful!
Gorgeous blending of golden Citrine and purple amethyst! We set this 12 MM Round beauty in our high dome open wire round sterling silver basket setting. 8 tall prongs hold the stone very securely, while the open cage style head is designed for maximum light entrance to enhance

Gemstone Rings

5.60ct. Pear Shaped Natural GEM Grade Aquamarine

Want to leave her breathless?? Giving her this magnificent rock will do just that! We hand-cut this beauty and are just dazzled by its color & brilliance! Natural Aquamarine (no treatment)

Shape: Pear
Size: 8.5x12.25, Carat weight: 5.60 carats, Color: GEM GRADE, Clarity: Eye Clean
Color 22 Blue
Density: 4 Medium-light
Saturation: 4 Strong

White Sapphire & Ruby 3 Stone Ring

I love the symbolism of the 3 stone style...Past, present & future! Our take on this style is with a modern, free form interpretation. The center stone is a 6mm, 1.25ct natural white sapphire round stone. We used 2) 4mm round lab grown rubies as the accent stones. There is quite a lot of movement & flow to this design. The metal is Argentium. The ring shank is all one piece and extends to the rubies. The white sapphire is then soldered in between. This is completely hand-made including all of the bezel settings, which hold the stones much more securely than prong settings, with the bonus of not catching onto your clothing and provide a clean modern feel to any piece. This is a great right hand ring! White sapphire is a great alternative to a diamond with a Mohs hardness of 9, second only to a diamond, which is a 10.